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    Save with solar panels
    from Termal Comfort.

    The sun is a constant, clean source of energy. With this solar energy collectors may be used to heating water. Here you can find out how solar energy is "collected".

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    The warmest apartment with the less money with the radiators from Termal Comfort.

    Many do not know that technically, old radiators consume more energy that it takes longer to warm.

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    Achieve equal temperature throughout the entire apartment for a little money Termal Comfort.

    How would you felt northern coolness and fresh air in the hot summer days if you do not have the real power of our air conditioning Termal Comfort, and in cold winter days you will feel the warmth of the Egyptian sun.



Complete heating for your home

The team of Team TermalComfort is specialized in the establishment of heating systems. Allow you to achieve the ideal temperature in your home, in winter periods, the warming will cover all your premises.



Plumbing and sanitation

We prepare and execute plans to establish a complete system of waterworks. Your job is to contact us and make us surrender the whole process. We always find the right solution for you. Ergonomic and quality for the least money.



the summer heat with an excellent air conditioning

We make complete plans for air conditioning of large and small, residential and business facilities. Everything we do is with great professionalism, and finding the right solution for you and your needs.



In step with world trends in saving and rational use of energy

Termal Comfort in its portfolio of services include alternative energy sources. We offer sales and installation of economic solar systems for individual and industrial facilities. We make dimensioning of solar systems or which system should be chosen, how many collectors, capacity of reservoirs, power of additional heating.